Saturday, 3 March 2012

A little Running Adventure

Stage One... at Garmin Connect - Details

So stage one of the running adventure then...Run to Cannon Hill to take part in the Park Run for the third time.

Ran in feeling good and used my little scribble map to find the easiest way through. Mostly the route of the Birmingham Half Marathon to be fair.

Weather kept overcast and a little muzzy but generally okay. Good run in but arrived FAR too early. But cleverly had packed jacket so didn't get too cold...

Stage Garmin Connect - Details

The Race

Was a little worried about running this after the 8 mile run in AND the run the previous evening.

I had a little pre-race run around to warm up a little after arriving so early and felt dreadful! Great!

Decided I would aim to run my own race and try for a sub 21 minute time if I could.

Was nice to see @L_J_B_1 at the start for a chat and encouragement! (Even better to see that she had SUCH a good strong race! Well done!)

Started feeling okay and felt strong around the runners with me. Decided to try and run it 'negatively' ie faster on the second lap. This did, for once, work! So on the final straight I did speed up and take a few people down on the way in.

Saw @Shazmo1 cheering me in so took another out with a bit of pace especially for her! Thanks!

Finished 39/260 (?) in 20:29 job done!

Stage Garmin Connect - Details

The return run home.

Now after the race I KNEW this was gonna hurt!
Boy did it!

I called upon all that Ultra training to help run/walk it and eat and drink as much as I could too.

It was still hard.

Got home quicker than I thought but at a VERY steady pace..but..I got home.

Now sore and tired but a nice little adventure to start the w/e off!

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