Tuesday, 14 February 2012

++Good for Whaat? Welcome...++

So a new blog and a new goal.

As eluded to by the title I am SICK of being rejected by The London Marathon 'people.'
I have no great social circle to help raise even the minimum sponsorship amounts required by the higher profile charities.
So I have one avenue left to me - A 'GFA' time.

A 'Good For Age' time.

Now according to the Virgin London Marathon a GFA for me at 42 years old is a 'sub 3:15' time. Which is 9 minutes under my marathon PB.
However I'm not happy with the 3:14.59 approach!

So I'm training hard, aiming to smash my PB apart as far under 3:15 as I can physically cross the line in.
In the next few weeks I am working to MY plan...
Tempo run of around 10 miles with Tempo pace being 30 seconds under Goal Marathon pace
Speedwork sessions focusing on mile repeats of varying repeats and increasing speed to around 1 minute under Goal Marathon pace
Long Run that will NOT be a LSR...there is no 'Slow' now, just work. Long runs of 16 - 22 miles at increasing pace looking for the average to be around that Goal pace by around week 5.
Recovery runs. These are going to be important in whatever form they take. These are going to help remind me why i enjoy running. Earphones in, company of friends, routes wherever, distance wherever. There to recover and enjoy.

The Season 'A' Race is The Stratford Marathon on April 29th, 2012. I'm not planning for any other attempts just now as I'm trying to remain focused on the one event.

(I will return to Boddington to run the marathon there however. But just because it kicked my ass last year with my only EVER DNF! B@$t*rd! I need CLOSURE! Not obsessive at all...much!)

This Blog is as much for me to keep track of training as much as endeavoring to provide some entertaining reading to a few.
So do drop by and gimme some feedback/ advice/ abuse if you must...it's all good!


  1. Yay for Stratford Marathon - where I first managed the distance in 2008, cried buckets at the end coz I failed sub 5. Kicked ass the next year at 4.42 though - good luck with your goal and rename your LSR long sociable runs :-)

  2. Hey, found you at last!

    Good luck with that marathon! Sounds like a plan. If the race is so close, there's really no need for LSD. A couple recovery jogs to rest between hard work and hard work :)

    Btw, talking about London, I have a friend who's gonna run the marathon in the special Olympics :) He is blind but runs like hell!